Wikipedia 20th Anniversary: 3 Things I learned from Wiki

What can we learn from Wikipedia while it is celebrating its 20th anniversary?

I constantly remind myself of these three things I learned from Wikipedia:

1. Anything is possible with an ambitious idea – Creating a free encyclopedia, written by volunteers, and for everyone in the world was definitely a crazy idea before Jimmy Wales and the team came out with the idea. But they made it, and the rest is history.

2. We, humans, are great collaborators, by nature – Over 280,000 people edit Wikipedia every month. This largest collection of open knowledge in history is made and sustained by humans.

3. Give first before you get – This is what I strongly believe. Don’t ever ask what you will get before you give. Wikipedia couldn’t be so successful if without all the volunteers, contributors, donors, etc., who are willing to give first.

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So, what have you learned from Wikipedia?