What Should I Do in the Data-Driven Era?

Today, I have the privilege to be invited by Vistage Malaysia & Singapore CEO coach Kah Cane Wong to speak to 70+ of their members.

Vistage is the world’s largest executive coaching organisation. Vistage is where leaders learn and grow. They help CEOs and business owners grow their businesses through executive coaching and peer advisory groups.

I shared the below with the audience:

1. Digital development and overview of last 25 years

2. The evolution of marketing technology

3. The differences between AdTech and MarTech

4. The differences between technologies such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Data Management Platform (DMP), and Customer Data Platform (CDP)

5. What customer journey is and why it’s important

6. 10 ways to build a data-driven customer journey

It’s a great 3-hour session, and the audience asked many smart questions (e.g., digital maturity, keys to business transformation, etc.)!

With such a quality of our business leaders in the country, I feel so confident about the future of Malaysia’s businesses!