What If Confucius Has a Facebook Account?

The Interview invited me to be a special guest on their recent talk show titled “What if Confucius has a Facebook account: Pros and Cons of Social Media”.

Below are the key pointers I shared in the show:

1. Even data and algorithms are omnipotent, as an individual, we can actually “combat” it, “tame” it, and “feed” it with the data you want it to know in order to make it fulfill or meet your needs.

2. While social media is something we cannot avoid using at this very time, we can still choose to be a “conscious” social media user by using it as a tool, using what you need, and letting it help you instead of being controlled by it.

3. Data is an “organism” that evolves. The subject of the data is the person; if the person changes, the data will change.

The FB Live link of the talk show is as follows: