Webinar: Business Transformation

What are the tips you have to know about Business Transformation?

Thanks to SinChew Daily (the number 1 Chinese newspaper in Malaysia) for the great coverage on the “The Tips You Have to Know About Business Transformation” webinar, whereby its CEO Eugene Wong, Senheng Executive Chairman LIM KH, and I have a great discussion for 2 hours on Jun 15!

The total views of the webinar thus far are more than 41,000!

My key takeaways for this webinar are:

1. There is no endpoint for the journey of business transformation. Businesses constantly evolve, adapt and change for the betterment.

2. A right team with the right mindset is the key to a successful business transformation. A team to look forward, to adopt new ways of doing things, to unlearn and relearn, to constantly challenge the status quo!

3. Data is another key to a successful business transformation, especially in the 21st century. We need data to learn about the trends, consumer behavior, and customer journey. We need to know from data on what products are required in the market and what consumers want NOW. Data is the NOW and the FUTURE!

If you missed this webinar, you can watch it via FB Live here: https://fb.watch/69EYQB3tst/