The Publisher Landscape in the Region

The Ken, an emerging pan-Asian Tech website, interviewed me on the publisher landscape in the region and I shared with them the following:

1. Google, Facebook and REV Media Group reach about 15-20+ million users in Malaysia, respectively. With that, the emerging players that are also targeting the same space can only grow horizontally via mergers and acquisitions (M&A), or vertically via becoming a leader in a niche market [such as sports, gaming, culture, etc.].

2. iMedia’s acquisitions also showed that the company is skewed towards influencer marketing, a digital marketing trend that has been picking up a lot of interest and money in 2020. Even cosmetics giant Estée Lauder is directing most of its marketing budget to digital influencers. While influencer marketing is trendy, brands will still review its performance against other options and evaluate if such an option helps in achieving a marketing campaign’s KPI. I believe influencer marketing is here to stay, as it is leveraging on live commerce for growth.

3. iMedia is one of the notable publishers providing an innovative and integrated offering to its clients as the company aggregates traffic generated by its digital assets with influencer marketing solutions.

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