The Impacts of Digital on Education

On April 24th, I was invited by Mentor Publishing as a speaker for the webinar titled “Education in the Digital Era”, with Dr. KF Lai as another speaker, and 陈嘉荣 as the event host.

We discussed a lot of related issues, and below are the highlights:

  1. During the pandemic, as most of the classes have been moved online, students and teachers have grown a lot in using digital technology. At the same time, adults have begun to learn again and join the ranks of lifelong learning. The students from the primary and secondary schools can quickly get started with the application of digital technology, and sometimes they can even teach adults how to use it. However, adults need to inculcate children with correct values so that they can learn and grow based on the application of technology and the cultivation of correct values.
  2. Online classes emphasize personal learning in front of the computer screen. Under this circumstance, we should allow students to participate in projects that cooperate with classmates when they return to school to learn how to cooperate with others and prepare them for entering society in the future.
  3. In the 21st century, resources are everywhere. We should learn how to integrate resources, to maximize efficiency for the good of our society and the world.

If you missed the live show, here is the link to FB Live: