The 10 Ways to Build a Data-driven Customer Journey

What are the 10 ways to build a data-driven customer journey?

I was invited by IJM Corporation Berhad as one of the speakers for their InnoTech Day, which is an internal event for their employees.

I shared this with 70+ IJM’s staff today. It’s a fun session whereby the participants asked many smart questions and I truly enjoyed the discussion with the IJM team!

Below the 10 ways to build a data-driven customer journey:

1. Creating identity resolution
2. Creating 360-degree customer view
3. Aggregate all data into a single dashboard
4. Segment your customers
5. Providing AI-driven recommendations & personalization
6. Providing email personalization
7. Running dynamic digital ads targeting the audience
8. Improving the social commerce experience
9. A/B testing the marketing automation
10. Providing QR code with offline to online

Thanks to IJM for the invite and it’s fun to work with them!