Talk: “How to Survive in the Era of AI”

Today was my first time giving a talk at New Era University College, with the topic “How to Survive in the Era of AI.”

The organizer created a virtual host named “Xiao Yuan” to introduce me, which was very creative and thoughtful 😊

After a 40-minute talk, the audience raised questions about issues arising from the AI ​​revolution, such as plagiarism, intellectual property rights, creativity, and education in the Q&A session. I enjoyed the Q&A session after the speech, as it turned the presentation from a one-way speech into a two-way view exchange, giving me the opportunity to understand the audience’s thoughts on digital technology and artificial intelligence.

I also took the opportunity to donate two copies of my book, “The Survival Kit in the Digital Era,” to the New Era’s library, hoping that interested students can gain a deeper understanding of the digital age through this book.

Thanks to New Era University College for the invitation. I hope there will be more opportunities for collaboration in the future to create a new era of digital and AI together!