Respect My Data, Respect My Privacy

I received a call from a telesales personnel informing me that they would give my family a free stay in selected hotels this morning.

I stopped him and asked how he got my mobile number. The personnel told me it’s given by my friend. I asked him to give my friend’s name. He said he couldn’t provide so because his management decided not to. I told him that they didn’t get my consent to get my contact info and how could they have right to decide not to tell me whom? 

I then told him: “Do you know I have right to file a complaint about this from PDPA standpoint?”

And then I requested them to delete my info from their database.

To all my friends, I urge you to do the same when you receive calls from parties you haven’t dealt with or whoever manages to get your data/contact info without your consent.

We need to do our bit to give lessons to the businesses who misuse our data.

For a society to respect our data and privacy.

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