Personal Branding on Social Media

How could personal branding on social media help startup founders and non-profit organizations?

I spent this Saturday (11 July 2020) speaking to 2 groups of people about this:

– A group of startup founders participating in 圆梦工场 Dream Factory startup contest in my first-ever physical event after MCO (lockdown)

– The district leaders from 11 countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Pakistan, Bangladesh) of Rotary International in a webinar

My sharing highlighted the below 3 key areas, with lots of examples and few case studies:
1. What personal branding is and why it matters
2. Profile development on LinkedIn
3. Post writing – strategy and tips

The best reward for sharing sessions like this is that the participants shared with you how much they have learned, and then they took the first step to experiment with what you have taught them.

Time well spent 😊

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