Panel: Where is Advertising Headed?

Where is advertising headed? Will advertising-led business models survive? What is the future of Programmatic? Are advertising alliances among premium publishers the way forward? How will data play a role in this journey? How can publishers survive in this very challenging time? How should we deal with the post-cookie world?

We have a great panel discussion about all these burning questions at  Asian Media Leaders eSummit on July 22nd, 10:30am-11:30am (SIN/HK). Asian Media Leaders eSummit is a regional event organized by the World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) on 20-23 July 2020.

This session kicked off with Michael McDowell (Syno International)’s sharing of the 2020 joint WAN-IFRA Syno International AdTrust survey findings, which include the impact Covid-19 has on consumers’ trust in media. Ian Hocking (South China Morning Post) shared the seven key trends of digital advertising, while Asako Nojima (Cyber Communications Inc.) reviewed what the post-cookie world is and what opportunities are before us.

I have learned three key things from our amazing panelists today:

1. Publishers own the direct relationship with your readers and users. So you need to have the 1st party data or even zero party data strategies to embrace the post-cookie world.

2. To win your users’ trust, publishers need to provide transparency, choice, and control to them.

3. Advertising will definitely be evolving with data, branded content, publisher alliance, single sign-on, and all the new techs. Publishers that are more responsive to changes will finally survive.

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