OTT Aggregator: The Next Chapter of Astro

With Netflix on board, is Astro about to realise its aggregator ambitions?

I shared some of my views with Janice Tan from Marketing Magazine, alongside the other industry peers:

1. It is not a surprise that Astro would sign up Netflix. Astro is treating global OTT players like “channels” in the past. In the 1990s, Astro launched as an aggregator of TV channels. Due to technology and the Internet, OTT emerged. Hence, aggregating relevant OTT channels will allow subscribers to still find Astro relevant.

2. Will the new partnership cannibalise sooka – Astro’s mobile-based streaming platform focuses on aggregating and curating content such as live global sports action, Malaysian dramas and entertainment programmes, and sooka exclusives and originals that resonates with Millennials? This is not an issue because Astro still needs localised content while looking at Disney+ and Netflix as cable TV channels from the past, i.e., Disney channel and HBO. With many different customer segments under Astro, this is a good opportunity for Astro to unite them all by aggregating the different OTT platforms to serve consumers. 

3. There won’t be any impact as there are different OTT platforms serving different segments. Astro needs to ensure subscribers pay to Astro monthly and the average revenue per user does not drop. Whether it is local or not, it is still okay.

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