Offline to Online: How to Digitally Transform Your Retail Business & Drive In-Store Sales

Amazon AWS team successfully organized its Tech Talk Series episode 4 with the topic of “Offline to Online: How To Digitally Transform Your Retail Business And Drive In-Store Sales” on 17th August 2021 (Tuesday). The webinar attracted over 70 C-level and senior personnel attending the 90-minute session.

The webinar featured a group of speakers from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam to discuss the topic regionally. They are the webinar moderator, AWS’s Olivier Klein, and panelists, including Au Chau Fashion And Cosmetic Co., Ltd (ACFC)’s Chinh Dinh, Abeo International’s Colin Lian, and me.

I was excited about the discussion points at the webinar. Personally, I have learned so much from the moderator, Olivier Klein, and my fellow panelists, Chinh Dinh and Colin Lian, in our panel discussion. We discussed various topics ranging from online-offline, data, omnichannel, and how technologies can help retailers navigate in this very different time.

The AWS’s CxO Tech Talk series aims to provide the audience with wider views and ideas from tech company leaders and a playground for all C-levels to network, share, and discuss challenges and opportunities in a win-win business position.