New Podcast Show: Technology 3P

2021 will be over in less than 60 days. At this time, I accepted a new challenge by accepting an invitation from BFM Cai Jin for being one of the co-hosts of its new podcast show named “Technology 3P”.

The so-called “Technology 3P” includes 3 players: Player 1 is Tan Hong Yao, Player 2 is me, and Player 3 will be the special guests we invite in each episode. In the next 3 months, we will talk about technology and Internet-related matters in this podcast show every Tuesday.

For the first season Episode 0, only two of us talked with each other for setting the tone for the series. In this episode, we talked about the development of the Internet from the past to the future, including the initial commercialization of the Internet, the mobile Internet, the Internet of Everything (IoT), and the future of the Internet, such as metaverse.

If you like technology and Internet-related topics, stay tuned every Tuesday!

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