My views on Facebook to sell off Oculus Medium to Adobe

Some might see that Facebook acquired Oculus in 2014 was to expand into the virtual reality device business. In fact, what Mark Zuckerberg wants is to own the next operating system for consumers to interface with the future.

Let us take a step back: In the 1990s, Microsoft was dominating the technology world because it owned the Windows operating system, which powered almost all of the desktops by then. Later, Google and Apple conquered the mobile era by developing Android and iOS, respectively. Virtual reality could potentially be the next big thing after the mobile; hence, Facebook acquired Oculus for owning an operating system to allows its customers to interface with the virtual reality world, and hoped to own a piece of the future. 

If you see the 2014 acquisition from that perspective, then it makes more sense for Facebook to sell off Oculus Medium to Adobe. 

Check out more views from this coverage by Marketing Magazine and thanks for having me!

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