Meeting up with Professor Peter Kabel

Glad to meet up with the prominent digital figure/serial entrepreneur/investor/professor from Germany, Professor Peter Kabel, in Kuala Lumpur on 22 Jun 2022.

Prof. Kabel is a thought leader from Hamburg, Germany. As a designer, he has already investigated the interfaces between technology, media, brands, and business in the early days of digitalization and developed several successful startups. He has been regularly active in Asia and publishes articles in books, lectures and publications.

We exchanged views on various topics including the following:
💡 How Artificial Intelligence empowers various types of creative development
💡 How data helps marketers drive personalization with marketing automation
💡 How Artificial Intelligence will possibly be developing in the future
💡 The roles of big tech, such as Google and Apple
💡 The next device or killer application in augmented reality
💡 Our views on books like AI-Superpowers, AI 2041, After Steve etc.
💡 Kindle or physical books?
💡 The technology landscape in China and Southeast Asia

Thanks to Lee Lee Ong from Hamburg Invest for connecting us!

I hope to meet both of them in Hamburg in the near future.