MDA Mini Social Gathering

The calendar invite read as “MDA Mini Social Gathering”, but it turned out to be a surprised farewell party for me from council members of the Malaysian Digital Association (MDA)!

And they ‘forced’ me to go to the ‘stage’ to give an impromptu speech.

As I mentioned in my ‘speech’, even at some points competing in business, we are always so dedicated to working together for the good of the industry! That’s the spirit of MDA, and it’s what I would treasure forever!

Thanks to all the council members and also the Macomm Management Services Sdn Bhd team (MDA secretariat) for the support last four years!

Whatever you know about the great works done by MDA, be it MDA d Awards, Digital Wednesday, digital adex, Measurement reports, MDA School, MDA Video Series, Best Practices Reports, the credits go to all of them!

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