MDA 10th Anniversary

It took us 10 years to get here…presenting you the MDA 10th Anniversary Digital Wednesday!

250 industry peers joined us for celebrating our 10th anniversary on 30th Oct 2019!

10 years ago, we received the Certificate of Formation from the ROS. Oct 30th was the day MDA officially formed in 2009.

We celebrated our 10th anniversary with the launch of a video titled “A Decade of Digital Advertising in Malaysia” (in collaboration with REV Asia), announcement of d Awards 2020, a very fun industry-related Kahoot! game, and amazing networking among friends from the industry!

Special mention to my partner in crime, Christopher Sebiji Jelly Wee and Zati (Izyati Azami), Siew Wai and Macomm team, for making this a fun, engaging, and memorable night!

Thanks to our sponsors Comscore, SimilarWeb, and Heineken!

It’s a fantastic ten years! Here is to next 10 years and more for MDA and the industry!

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