Marketing Interactive’s Interviews: Clubhouse

I was interviewed by Marketing Interview, Asia’s leading source of advertising, marketing, and media intelligence reaching out to CMOs in the region, twice lately on the hottest app in town, Clubhouse.

The first interview was on the Clubhouse mania happens globally. Below are the three highlights of my views:

1. The spontaneity, interactivity, and engagement puts Clubhouse at an advantage. Brands can take the opportunity to have conversations with the audience and aggregate the feedback from the audience who might also be their customers. However, brands need to make sure the topic is also relevant to the audience, otherwise no users would join the room

2. Clubhouse makes ephemeral content gold again. Since the content is instant and users cannot replay it after the session ends, audiences will join the room when a topic interests them, rather than keeping it on the backburner thinking they can listen to it later on.

3. Since podcasts are not as spontaneous and interactive as Clubhouse, podcasters need to strategise on using both podcasts and Clubhouse as complementary offerings to their followers, leveraging on the respective advantages and strengths of both platforms.

The second interview was on its security issue.

Will Clubhouse’s recent breach throw a wrench in its momentum? How can Clubhouse contain the impact? Below are my views:

Transparency is important in such situations and while Clubhouse has confirmed the breach, it has yet to publish an official statement on its website. One of the ways it can ensure downloads and usage are not impacted is to publish an official statement on its website to address the concerns being discussed and mentioned, particularly from a security, privacy, and data protection standpoint.

At the same time, it can also leverage on the regular Clubhouse townhall held on the app to hold a transparent discussion with users. The more open it is, the faster Clubhouse can mitigate the risk of losing users’ confidence in the app. This will also be a good showcase for Clubhouse founders to advocate the spirit of the app – conversation.