Malay Mail to Go Fully Digital

The Malay Mail, Malaysia’s oldest newspaper, announced that they will go fully digital on Dec 1st, 2018.

While reading about the news, I saw an ad pushed via Facebook informing me about the launch of new TV channel, Hong Kong Open TV on Oct 27th.

I would like to share 3 observations:

1. The Internet created new ways to deliver content. Regardless which channel you reach your audience, the core is still the good content. A good example is the recent series released by Neflix, “The Haunting of the Hill House”. It’s a fantastic show regardless whether it’s showed by any traditional tv channel or Netflix

2. Apart from producing great content, (new) media owners have to embrace and leverage the nature of new media to distribute your content. Break the rules of delivering content, such as how your audience can choose to finish a series over a weekend or listen to a podcast for e-learning while driving

3. Technologies change the way we live. Look and observe what consumers/customers/users want. Use your product as a customer and solve the pain points identified. This is the only way to survive

PS: The Drum, the biggest marketing website in Europe, and its APAC team also ran a story covering that Malay Mail to go fully digital. Thanks to Shawn Lim for quoting the above mentioned as part of the article.

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