Let There Be Light 2018

It’s a great honour to be invited as one of the speakers for the event “Let There Be Light” at Kluang this weekend, and shared the stage with Kluang’s Member of Parliament, YB Suki Wong, to discuss how digital is changing our lives.




也有幸和新任居鑾國會議員YB黃書琪 (Suki Wong)同台,一起講演和分享《數碼時代,我們各自的人生》。

謝謝主辦方 On The Road Cafe 蔡興隆 與 Anna Thian,是你們的用心,讓居鑾的星空更加燦爛,也讓有幸參於其盛的我們,為這片星空,出一點力,發一點光。謝謝你們!🌟🌟🌟

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