Interview: WhatsApp

Is WhatsApp a channel that is better for mom-and-pop stores to drive transaction, or can big brands also do the same? What are some things big brands need to take note of?

Thanks to Marketing Interactive’s Rezwana Manjur for having me.

Below was what I shared in the article:

Beyond Singapore, markets such as Indonesia and Malaysia also have great potential when it comes to using Whatsapp for businesses, said Serm Teck Choon, Antsomi co-founder and CEO. However, he added that unlike mom-and-pop stores, big brand should not just set up a conversational channel for driving sales, but they also need to look at it from a higher level standpoint with a long-term data strategy in place.

“While using tools like WhatsApp to engage with their customers, big brands should also mine the conversational data, analyse customer behaviours, and even use the data to predict the customers’ intent and next purchase,” he added. Moreover, brands must conduct A/B testing when running push notification campaigns, and review the responses and optimise the campaigns along the way to better understand user behaviour.

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