Interview: Quality of Talents

Thanks to Nanyang Siang Pau for another interview! This time, I was not talking about technology or the Internet, but discussing topics related to management, corporate culture, and hiring senior talents 😊

When recruiting talents, I hope they possess the “ANTCE” traits to fit the corporate culture.

  1. Ambition: One must have lofty ambitions because setting ambitious goals and striving for them, even if the goals are not necessarily achieved, the results will not be too bad. Conversely, if the goals are set low, the results will be even lower.
  2. Nimble: In the internet age, time is everything. Being able to react quickly and be flexible is not an option, but a necessity.
  3. Tenacity: Doing it with determination!
  4. Curiosity: Is the person curious about the world and willing to learn throughout their life? Why is curiosity important? Because a curious person will be motivated to learn, explore, and try new things. They will explore more possibilities for the company, products, customers, and competitors. When a person lacks curiosity, they naturally lack the desire to learn new things. When faced with unfamiliar environments or situations, they may reject, resist, or even fear them, which is not in line with the culture of progress that the company pursues.
  5. Empathy: People with empathy can stand in the shoes of customers, consider things from their perspective, and bring value to them. People with empathy can also empathize with colleagues and truly understand their needs and desires.