Interview: Google’s Privacy Sandbox on Android

How will the latest Google announcement about its Privacy Sandbox on Android impact the industry?

Thanks to Marketing-Interactive for inviting me to provide my comment on this development.

Below are excerpts of my comments:


While Google is indeed following in Apple’s footsteps, Serm Teck Choon, co-founder and CEO of Antsomi, does not foresee Google’s Privacy Sandbox to impact the ad industry as drastically as Apple’s App Tracking Transparency framework. The main revenue of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, still comes from advertising. In fact, Alphabet’s ad revenue for Q4 2021 was US$61.23 billion, up from US$46.19 billion the same period last year. Google Search took home the lion’s share (US$43.30 billion) followed by Google Network (US$9.3 billion) and YouTube ads (US$8.63 billion).

With its vested interest, Serm explained that Google will definitely strike the balance between its business model and regulation or antitrust while working out the initiative‚Äôs final version. “The final outcome is still unclear as the key items such as Topics API that enable interest-based ads personalisation without relying on user-level identifiers are still at their design proposal stage,” he added.


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