Interview: Creative Thinking is a Key Element in Advertising

Is creative thinking still a key element in the advertising industry amidst the emergence of new technologies?

The Star, the leading English daily in Malaysia, ran a story to examine this very topic.

I am pleased to share my views with The Star on this topic alongside Prashant Kumar and Stanley Clement.

Below is part of the article:


Serm Teck Choon, who is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Antsomi and former Malaysian Digital Association president, said humans are still the centre of creativity, and are responsible for driving the creative direction of advertising campaigns.

“New technologies are there to enhance creativity and do things that we couldn’t do if compared to those days when all these technologies hadn’t emerged.

“For example, with AR in place now, we can combine the reality world and digital content, offering an interactive experience to end users or customers.

“That can unleash lots of new ideas among the creative community, helping brands build their presence in the augmented reality world,” he said.

Commenting on some of the trends in the areas of creativity over the next few years, Serm said among these include generative AI, which would drive the creative production to a new level in terms of scale and quality, when it comes to text, image, video and audio etc.

Apart from that, he said AR is expected to garner lots of attention especially, when multinational technology company Apple Inc would make Apple Vision Pro available in 2024.

“While AR will take some time to get popular in view of pricing and technology adoption, we should expose ourselves to it for the readiness of this new technology,” Serm added.

Antsomi, is a regional marketing technology company with clients in several countries in South-East Asia.