Interview: Are Gen Zs ditching Google Search for TikTok?

Are Gen Zs ditching Google Search for TikTok?

Marketing Interactive‘s Yoganeetha Sivakumar spoke to some of the industry players on this, and I shared the following views with her:

1. For the young In Malaysia, the trend is extremely prevalent, especially when it comes to dining and travel recommendations.

2. Before TikTok, we all had to accept that the second largest “search engine” could be YouTube when people were searching for the video content they wanted to view. While the short video format emerged as the leading media consumption among Gen Z, TikTok naturally became the ‘default’ app to look for information, especially lifestyle-related content such as restaurants, travel, and recipe.

3. Gen Z youths generally prefer quick and fast content, especially short videos and do not like to read through traditional search results with words. They want to see the graphical presentation of a restaurant, food reviews, and travel tips. That is how they navigate this world, and hence other social tools such as Facebook and Instagram are also following suit and making short videos more prominent than ever.

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