How the Education Sector Can Leverage Data

I spent my Sunday (1 Oct 2023) with 120+ business owners and professionals from the education sector in the inaugural Edupreneur Summit 2023 organized by EduRISE. I shared with the audience how they should leverage data to grow their businesses and engage with their customers digitally.

My key sharing are:

  1. Nurturing data is a journey.
  2. Handling data with customers’ consent is vital.
  3. Using data to engage with customers with personalized and relevant messages.
  4. Developing relevant content to engage with customers.
  5. Evaluating your digital maturity to develop a long-term digital strategy and plan.

It’s great to share the stage with Deric Wong and Dr. Shane Tan!

Kudos to Lisa Tsjin and the team for organising such a successful event!