Digital Transformation: Start Small & Aim Big

Digital Transformation is a journey. You have to start small and aim big.

We had a great panel discussion at Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd’s SME DigitalFest today, talking about digital transformation.

I shared my framework on digital transformation: setting the end goal of digital transformation is the most important thing to do. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to people, technology, and data.

Kee Siak Chan added two more factors: expectation and patience. These make the framework to be perfect as it covers organization, process, and technology, and most importantly: be perseverant.

You need perseverance when you embark on the digital transformation project as it’s a journey.

I truly enjoyed this panel discussion with other panelists, including Kee Siak ChanMuhundhan Kamarapullai, CPM (AP), with a great moderator, Jan Wong. And thanks to Nicole Chang for the invite and all the arrangements.

Below is the Facebook Live video for the event (from 3:04:10 till 3:53:10 for the mentioned panel discussion). Enjoy watching:

You can also watch the panel discussion via YouTube.

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