Clubhouse Mania

I was interviewed by Astro’s Melody radio channel on Feb 9 (Tuesday) about the hottest app now, Clubhouse.

In this interview, I shared my views on this app, why it suddenly became so popular, and what users need to take note of when using the app, with three highlights mentioned below:

1. Clubhouse, a social networking app based on audio-chat, really filled the gap left by the other social media players, whose focuses are on post, image, and video (long or short forms) sharing.

2. While podcast has long been there serving the audio content demand, Clubhouse offers the live and instant audio-chat which turned the whole world into a virtual stage, whereby everyone can listen and participate in a conversation/discussion/panel/talk/chat/webinar.

3. We all only have 24 hours in a day. While Clubhouse may not replace any other existing media or social media immediately, it will definitely take away the total time spent on other media. It’s already happening in many countries in APAC.

Have you tried Clubhouse? What do you think?

If you miss the live show, this is the link to listen: