BFM CaiJin: Technology 3P

In November 2021, I was invited by BFM CaiJin (財今) Isaac Wong and Tang Hong Yau to work with them for creating a technology talk show together. Thus, “Technology 3P” was born.

I have been accustomed to being interviewed by various media over the years. However, because of this project, I had to switch roles and become one of the hosts of this show, which was a new challenge that excited me.

After the hard work in three and a half months, we finally completed the 12 episodes for the first season in early February 2022.

Thanks to the following for being the guests of “Technology 3P”:
EP1 – Christy Tan on working in Silicon Valley
EP2 – Fax Chuan Zhen Ko (Plus Xnergy) on New Energy
EP3 – 吴一风 Ah Go (Torum Technology Sdn. Bhd.) on Metaverse
EP4 – 606 on Blockchain
EP5 – Eddie Lee (Love18C Sdn Bhd) on E-Commerce
EP6 – Jerry Hsu on Online Education
EP7 – Dr. Sun Min (Appier) on Artificial Intelligence
EP8 – Passion Pei Hsuan Chiang on working in tech firms based in Southeast Asia and London
EP9 – Chong Lee Kean (iPay88) on Fintech
EP10 – Malaysia Cousin on Short Video
EP11 – Choong-Fook Fong (LGMS – LE Global Services Sdn Bhd) on Online ​​Security
EP12 – Miula Hung on Big Tech

Thanks for the support of all of these great minds and friends in the industry!