TCSerm.com is Serm Teck Choon’s blog. Serm blogs about digital and technology-related matters, and he has recently published his first book titled .

Serm is co-founder & CEO of Antsomi, a regional marketing technology company aiming to help businesses transform into data-driven companies. Antsomi launched its flagship product, CDP 365, an AI-driven customer data platform native to Southeast Asia, in June 2020. Since then, the company has helped many clients in the region unify and activate their customer data across channels with a better customer experience enriched by personalization and marketing automation. Antsomi recently announced that the leading digital company in Japan, D.A.Consortium Inc., has invested in the company and become its strategic partner.

Constantly being invited by various media outlets to share his views about digital trends and developments, Serm is also a sought-after speaker in digital-related conferences, a mentor and judge for start-up competitions, and a jury member for global and regional media awards.

Serm is also an advisor & coach to selected startup founders, of which one of them was acquired by the leading media group in Malaysia.

Serm was former Malaysia Country Head at CtrlShift. Before he joined CtrlShift, Serm was Digital Products Head at Star Media Group, a listed media company in Malaysia. He played a key role in building its digital business as one of the key growth areas for the media group.

As one of the Malaysian Digital Association (MDA) founding members, Serm actively involves in industry initiatives. Serm was the 4th president of MDA, elected in March 2016, and served two terms until April 2020. He worked closely with MDA members and industry leaders to launch many initiatives, such as digital measurement standards, Digital Wednesday, MDA School, Best Practices Reports, MDA Video Series, and d Awards, for driving the growth of the digital media and advertising industry in Malaysia.

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