8TV Global Watch: New Services Launched by Apple

8TV’s Global Watch interviewed me on Apple’s launch of new services including Apple News+, Apple Card, Apple Arcade, new Apple tv app, and Apple tv+:

(1) Featuring A-List celebrities for exclusive shows is a good start for Apple tv+, but the key to competing with other players, such as Netflix, is how big their content library will be, apart from producing quality original content

(2) Apple’s service business thrived and generated US$37.2 billion in 2018. Hence, Apple sees the opportunities to grow this revenue sector, while iPhone sales remain stagnant

[27th Mar 2019]

万众瞩目的苹果春季发表会,苹果公司全力推进影视订阅、游戏订阅、新闻订阅 服务,是打算如何转型?让孙德俊 为你分析!

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