8TV Global Watch: Made by Google

We discussed the new gadgets launched by Google in its recent ‘Made by Google’ event at 8TV Global Watch (11:30pm, 23 Oct 2019):

1. Google continually pushes its software defined camera with the launch of Pixel 4. To Google, the software matters, not the hardware

2. Nest products will be Google’s home solutions, while Google upgrades Google Home mini to Nest mini, alongside the launch of Nest Hub max last month

3. I love the voice recorder feature that can immediately transcribe what Pixel 4 records – imagine how useful it will be for journalists and students

谷歌最新一季的新品发布会你留意到了什么?是手机 Google Pixel 4,还是家居用品 Nest 系列呢?

环球话题有主持人 DJ Alsen 冠贤张嘉欣 Yan 和嘉宾孙德俊陪你一起看看今年谷歌最新产品有什么看头!

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