8TV Global Watch: Google’s 20th Anniversary

8TV’s Global Watch interviewed me on Google’s 20th anniversary [27th Sep 2018].

Google achieved its success in 20 years because of the following:

(i) Its fast and accurate search technology based on PageRank, an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results, has revolutionized the search experience 

(ii) Its right strategies to focus on search business in its 1st decade and on mobile in its 2nd decade

(iii) Google strategically acquired companies like DoubleClick, YouTube, Waze etc and successfully integrated them into its offerings and businesses 

Next 5-10 years will be a crucial duration for Google, leveraging on its “AI First” strategy with its latest product offerings such as Google Assistant, Google Lens, Waymo (under Alphabet) etc.


说长不长,说短不短,不管是Google Search、Gmail、Google Maps、Google Chrome等等,谷歌提供的各类服务可以说是改变了你我的生活。


听听孙德俊和主持人张宝蔹 Boey Teoh 与 苏进川 分享谷歌的20年!

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