8TV Global Watch: Facebook F8 Annoucement​s

8TV’s Global Watch interviewed me on Facebook F8’s announcements:

(1) Promoting ‘digital living room’ (Groups feed) doesn’t mean FB has given up ‘digital town square’ (News Feed). FB wants to own your ‘public’ space and also ‘private’ space

(2) Apart from the Facebook app, FB wants to make Messenger as the next largest social network app. Messenger will be able to message and call WhatsApp and Instagram, feature your friends’ feeds and allow users to watch videos with their friends together 

(3) WhatsApp is popular in the business community and naturally, they want to roll out business features such as payment and product catalog to help businesses

(4) The expansion of Facebook Dating into more countries shows FB’s urge to offer more features to its users in order to increase its stickiness, leveraging on its largest social network user base

[7th May 2019]

脸书创办人扎克伯克 这回誓言要加强保障隐私,重建用户信心!这次系列改革,会否会为商家、网红等用户,带来颠覆性的影响吗?听听评论员孙德俊如何剖析!

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