8TV Global Watch: Apple iPhone 11 Launch

My take on the Apple iPhone 11 launch event held on Sep 10th:

1. I don’t have trypophobia, but I still can’t take the arrangement and design of 3 cameras on iPhone 11 Pro

2. The new iPad 10.2″ is a good buy as it supports Smart Keyboard with an affordable price

3. China is the 3rd largest market for Apple, generating 20% of its revenue in the recent quarter. Apple can’t afford to abandon this market despite the trade war

4. iPhone XR is the most popular iPhone since its launch last year. As this is considered as a success, Apple continues its mid-range phone strategy with the launch of iPhone 11 (not the Pro version)

5. iPhone sales generated less than half of Apple’s revenue in the recent quarter. Apple needs to diversify and look for a new revenue stream from the service sector, which contributed 19% of its revenue. Hence, Apple is launching more services such as Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade

[Global Watch @ 8TV, 11:30pm, 11th Sep 2019]

苹果公司在年度秋季新品发布会上,发布了iPhone 11、iPhone 11 Pro、iPhone 11 Pro Max、第七代 iPad、Apple Watch Series 5 以及Apple TV+。

新品当中,手机产品依然最受关注。尤其Iphone 11和11 Pro的摄影功能大提升,价格相比前一代作品 也有所降低。


DJ Alsen 冠贤张嘉欣 Yan 两位主持人和嘉宾孙德俊陪你一起了解。

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