8TV Global Watch: 2019 Singles’ Day Sales

By now, you might have received the stuff you bought on Nov 11 (but haven’t received your credit card bill yet). At 8TV Global Watch (11:30pm, 13 Nov 2019), I shared the highlights of 2019 Singles’ Day sales and why Alibaba filed for IPO in Hong Kong again.

2019的双十一,阿里巴巴又以2684亿人民币刷新了纪录。这个双十一到底出现了什么现象?没有了马云的阿里巴巴神话,该如何延续呢? 环球话题有主持人 DJ Alsen 冠贤、张嘉欣 Yan 和嘉宾孙德俊 一起分析!

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